1. Entry Forms to be returned to the Chamber by Thurs. December 10th!


Our theme for the 2020 Christmas Parade is “All American Christmas – Red, White & Blue”. For a better chance of winning one of the cash prizes, we recommend that you follow the theme, if at all possible. Use lots of lights on vehicles and floats. Other than that, you can go with any theme you’d like. BUT there must be only ONE Santa! He is furnished by the Chamber and always come last in the parade! We will be giving cash prizes to the winners in the following categories: business, non-profit & churches and schools/school organizations. There will be a panel of impartial judges making the decisions. If you would like to see the criteria that will be used by the judges, please call or come by the Chamber Office to get a copy of the form. The winners will be notified Monday, December 14th at which time pictures for the newspaper will be set-up. Therefore, make sure we have a good phone number where a responsible party may be reached!

It is vital that you complete and return the entry form by the due date! We will have an announcer’s trailer in front of the Library again this year. From that trailer, your float will be described according to how you complete the form.

You will be notified on Friday, December 11th as to where your spot in the line-up will be. Again we MUST have a good, reliable contact person, email address and phone number. Line up will begin at 6:00 PM.

In order to avoid any type of injury to spectators as well as parade participants, we are asking you to strictly follow the guidelines listed below:

  1. Do not throw or hand out candy or any other objects from your float, vehicle or any other mode of transportation. If you do throw candy, you may be asked to leave the parade line-up. You may however, have walkers hand out candy to spectators.
  2. If walking, do not walk next to any float, truck, trailer or any other type of vehicle. Walk behind the vehicle.
  3. If riding on a float or in a vehicle, please keep hands and feet within the confines of the vehicle.
  4. ATV’s in the parade must be operated by an adult, age 21 or older. No one under that age will be allowed to drive or ride an ATV. Also, if horses are in the parade the riders must be 18 years of age or older to ride alone.
  5. If walking, remain on the parade route; do not enter into the crowd of spectators. No exceptions will be made to these guidelines. If these guidelines are not followed, you and /or your organization may be excluded from future parades.