Community Information

Data from the 2010 population census place the Sallisaw population at 8,880. This is an increase of 11.2% from 2000. 21.5% of the population of Sequoyah County resides in Sallisaw.

Percent Distributions of the Population by Race :
In Sallisaw, 63.1% of the population is White, 1.6% is Black, 21.6% is Native American, 5.6% Hispanic or Latino and the remaining 8.1% is comprised of all other races.

Median Household Income:
The 2015 median household income for Sequoyah county is $33,912.

Labor Force:
The Sequoyah County labor force was 17,913 in 2010. Participation rate in the county labor force constitutes 51.9% female in the Sallisaw area and 48.1% male.

General Government:
Sallisaw has a Council-Manager type of government. There is a comprehensive city planning and zoning. The City provides all utility services except natural gas and operates an expanded solid waste landfill.

Public Safety:
The Sallisaw Fire Department consists of the Fire Chief and 19 firefighters. They perform duties such as structural and wild land firefighting, rescue, water rescue and numerous community fire prevention classes. The City’s fire insurance has a 5 classification while the adjacent area has an 8 classification. The Sallisaw Police Department consists of 19 uniformed officers and 11 civilian personnel.

Civilian Labor Force in 2010 was 3,595 (1,921 Male & 1,674 Female).  4% (181) of the workforce is unemployed with 117 Male & 64 Female.

Utility Providers

Electric, Water, Sanitation and Sewer Services.
City of Sallisaw | 918-775-2641

City of Sallisaw Municipal Landfill | 918-775-6241

Telephone, Cable TV, Internet
City of Sallisaw – DiamondNET | 918-775-4151

Water System Charts

Source: Lake & Reservoir with a capacity of 4,000,000 GPD

Electric Department:
The City Electric Department consists of 6 crewmembers and 1 superintendent who maintain approximately 100 miles of distribution and service lines. The city has 2 substations that serve the community. Electricity is purchased from the Grand River Dam Authority (GRDA) and then resold to the customer base of the City of Sallisaw.

Public Power:
According to the American Public Power Association over 2,000 community-owned electric utilities exist in the United States. The electric utility of the Sallisaw Municipal Authority is one of these. Public power utilities are operated by local governments and provide communities with reliable, responsive and low cost electric service. Low electricity rates made possible by public power utilities help residential customers manage household budgets and also provides the opportunity for commercial and industrial customers to grow and thrive. Being a public power community allows Sallisaw to provide low cost electric service that is very reliable.

Water System:
Sallisaw obtains its raw water from Brushy Lake, located approximately six miles north of the City. Brushy Lake was constructed in 1963 for flood control and as a municipal water supply for Sallisaw. The project was built under the Watershed Protection and Flood Protection Act by local Conservation Districts, United States Department of Agriculture Soil Conservation Service (USDASCS) and the City of Sallisaw. The lake covers 227 acres and has 3,000 acre feet of water storage. Sallisaw treats raw water with two treatment plants that are rated at 2.87 million gallons per day.

Sanitation, Landfill, and Sewage Treatment:
Sanitation: Sallisaw provides curb side pick-up of residential trash. Poly-carts are provided for all residential customers. The City also provides dumpster and roll off container services. Also, during the spring and fall months, the City conducts a city wide cleanup for customers within the city limits of Sallisaw.

Sallisaw operates a 120 acre municipal solid waste facility southeast of the City. Currently, 45 acres of the facility is permitted to accept municipal non-hazardous solid waste. The facility cannot accept items classified as hazardous materials. White goods can be accepted only if the compressor has been removed from the unit.

Sewer Treatment:
Sallisaw has an activated sludge system of treatment. The city’s sewage treatment system is currently operating at approximately 48% of capacity.

Express and Motor Freight:
There are at least 10 motor freight companies which service Sallisaw on an “as needed” basis. Express services are provided by United Parcel Service, which has a terminal in the Industrial Park, and by FedEx.

Sewer Treatment Capacity & Load

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